Veltec Fluorine Calculation Web Tool Released

Posted: 4/16/2010

Cyberwolf Software releases new web productivity tool to Veltec Inc.

Veltec Inc., a long time customer of Cyberwolf Software, was performing a weighted average Fluorine calculation using a manual process.  As part of their continuous improvement process Veltec met with Cyberwolf Software to determine if there was any way to improve the productivity of this step in the process.


Cyberwolf Software developed an ASP.Net web application that performs the following functions:

  1. User enters a BlazeLIMS sample # that needs Fluorine % calculated
  2. System determines the Final Lot # from the Sample # via U.S. BlazeLIMS database
  3. System determines general Final Lot information from Veltec Manufacturing database
  4. System determines all raw lots and amounts used to create final lot from Veltec Manufacturing database
  5. System searches for Fluorine numbers for all raw lots from the U.S. and Europe BlazeLIMS databases
  6. System performs weighted average Fluorine calculation based upon searches
  7. User reviews calculated result on screen
  8. User clicks Send To LIMS button to transfer calculated data to U.S. BlazeLIMS database
Cyberwolf Software's approach when developing these tools is to minimize the amount of interaction required by the user, while providing the user with the best possible information to make quality decisions.  In this case user interaction is minimized to three steps: enter the Sample # (a simple known datapoint), review the results, click a button to transfer the data.


This type of work is Cyberwolf Software's forte.  This is a customized business process that requires:

  • User interface simplicity
  • Data synthesized from multiple databases
  • Scientific and/or statistical calculations
  • Experience with laboratory and manufacturing processes

 As companies turn to more and more "off-the-shelf" products there is a greater need for customized solutions that match a business process and require sourcing of data from multiple operational sources.

Author: DJ DeBevec

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