Hunter Web for BlazeLIMS 2.0 Released

Posted: 4/13/2010

Hunter Web for BlazeLIMS 2.0 released

Our business intelligence product, Hunter Web for BlazeLIMS, has completed a substantial upgrade and released to our DuPont Performance Elastomers customers.  The web application has been completely refactored to a single code base that includes a SQL factory implementation to allow for site specific customizations.  Some of the major enhancements in this release include:

  •  Security - In addition to general web security (Windows Authentication, SSL support, RSA SecurID support), Hunter Web supports data based security.  Security can be implemented either at the BlazeLIMS user record level; or, for more discrete control the Areas assigned to a user.
  • Save Queries - For the features that have the greatest flexibility and require the most user input, we have implemented the ability to enter your settings and then save them for future use.  Queries are saved on a per user basis; however, the owner of a query can create a copy to share with other users.  Queries can be saved for Sample Search, Advanced Sample Search, Results Summary, Results Charting, Lot Summary and Lot Charting.  All queries are saved in an encrypted database to insure data security.
  • Improved Charting - Charting functionality has been completely remodeled.  We are now using the Telerik Charting controls to implement charting.  Charts can be exported to multiple formats including PDF.  In addition to the charts, statistical tables can be exported in the same report and format.  Additional parameters have been added to charting such as: x-axis can be sequence, date/time or lot number (provided lot number is numeric); charts can list dates as dates (From: 1/1/2010  To: 4/1/2010) or date string (First Quarter); tooltip for each point allow the user to hover over a point and get it's X and Y value.
  • Improved Results Summary - a summary is a pivoted data table that displays a sample in each row.  The properties and limits become columns of the table.  Low/High limits, Low-Low/High-High limits, Release limits and the Test In Spec indicator can all be pivoted.  Additional columns such as Matrix 1 to Matrix 6, Customer Code and Project Code have all been added to the pivot.  The summary can be exported to a variety of formats including Excel, Excel XML, Word and PDF.  After selecting the Sample Type or Log Template, the user has up to 3 additional optional criteria that they can add to filter the results summary to only the data they need.
  • Configuration Reporting - one of our premier features is the ability to create an in-depth report on a Sample Type or Log Template.  This report provides the major technical configuration for a BlazeLIMS setup.  The report is generated on a single web page and includes workflow, reporting, send to user, method/test type, limit information, etc.  This report can be exported to Excel or Word for further review or to be emailed as an attachment.
  • Export Logging - This optional feature keeps track of data exported from the web application to any files (Excel, Word, PDF, etc.)  The information is tracked per user, categorized and date/time stamped.  This feature provides the data managers to oversee the exporting of data from the system.
These are just some of the many features found in the Hunter Web for BlazeLIMS 2.0 application.


If you are interested in testing out the Hunter Web application for your BlazeLIMS deployment, please contact us at (302) 324-8442 or via e-mail:


BlazeLIMS is a software product of Blaze Systems, Inc.  (302) 733-7236.



Author: DJ DeBevec

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